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Used Software

Since the LiSA robot is first available in the last third of the project a simulation environment is necessary. We take the simulation environment USARSim.


Path Planning

Zone based behavior control

We develop a zone based behavior control system for the LiSA robot. The robot detects if it is in a specific zone. Due to the zone label the robots starts different behaviors like "drive through door", "drive with or without orientation change" or "approach goal behavior".
simulated LiSA robot

3D Obstacle avoidance

Since the LiSA robot has a holonomous platform and works in a dense cluttered environment, obstacle avoidance must be assured for the whole bounding box of the robot.

Sensor configuration

The LiSA robot is equipped with six laser scanners. Two Sick S300 laser scanner and four Hokuyo URG-04LX laser scanner. The sick scanner form a horizontal plane with a 360 degree field of view. The four Hokuyo scanner form a funnel around the robot to ensure 3d obstacle avoidance.
simulated LiSA robot

Virtual 2D Scanner with 3D obstacle information

We use the Virtual Rang Scan (VRS) concept to fuse the six laser scanner into a virtual 2D data set. VRS has an obstacle memory and detects and incorporates dynamics in the robot environment. See this paper for further informations [Get Paper]
combination of laser scanners
The images below show to VRS data sets. The left one integrates only the two SICK laser scanner and forms a 360 virtual range scan with 360 degree field of view. The right picture shows the VRS with an obstacle memory map generated by the four hokuyo laser scanners.
combination of planar laser scanners combination of all laser scanners
The experiment shown in the images below demonstrates that the VRS enables the robot to avoid all obstacles in the 3D environment using 2D obstacle avoidance strategies like vector field histogram or nearness diagram. See this paper again for further informations [Get Paper]

LiSA Project Navigation Localization Publications Downloads


Stefan Stiene
University of Osnabrück
Institute of Computer Science
Knowledge Bases Systems Research Group
Albrechtstraße 28 D-49069 Osnabrück, Germany

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