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MERMAID (Methods for Map-Based Reasoning, Methoden zum Schlussfolgern auf Basis von Umgebungskarten) is a cooperation project between the KBS group and the MUSE research group at Massey Univ., Palmerston North, New Zealand.

The goal of the cooperation is to bring the work about ambient intelligence, smart environments and context awareness in the MUSE group together with the KBS work about on-line sensor data interpretation and embedded knowledge-based systems.

The project is funded by the Internationales Büro des BMBF, grant NZL 10/003. It has run from 07/2010-06/2012 -- which means it has ended.

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Starring ...

... left to right: Hans Guesgen (Massey), Joachim Hertzberg, Stephen Marsland (Massey, here in a twice 2D representation), Sven Albrecht, and Thomas Wiemann.


For questions about the project, please contact
Joachim Hertzberg

The 5 Mermaids

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