Research Group Prof. Vornberger

Abstract: parimod - The parallel computer graphics and interactive solid modeling system

K. Zeppenfeld, C. Landwehr, F.M. Thiesing, O. Vornberger

The parimod system is a Transputer based graphics system with an additional interactive solid modeling tool for fast rendering of arbitrary 3-dimensional scenes. It consists of an input tool, a calculation and an output unit which are independent of each other so that each of them is replaceable if changes in hard or software come through.

The input unit is a X based solid modeling tool allowing the user to define scenes like an architect on his drawing board. With the massively parallel rendering tool, the user sees the defined scenes in various qualities on-line on the true color output device.

The fast output is achieved by the implementation of different parallel strategies of well-known shading and rendering algorithms. The quick response time between changing and showing the different views of a scene makes parimod very popular in the application fields of architectural drawings or the visualization of molecules.

Transputer Research and Applications 6, S. Atkins, A.S. Wagner (eds.), IOS Press 1993, 39-52
Proceedings of the Sixth Conference of the North American Transputer Users Group, May 10-11, 1993 - Vancouver, Canada

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