With this web application sports league schedules with different properties can be generated. In order to run the java applets a runtime environment of java is needed (at least version 5). Such an environment can be downloaded from Sun.

From the page Start all applets can be accessed. During the initialization of an applet you are asked to verify a certificate. You only have to accept this certificate if you want to save schedules in csv-files. All other features can also be used without accepting the certificate.

In each applet the number n of teams is set by a slider. After pressing the button "Init" the complete graph Kn is drawn (cf. the graph model for sports tournaments). Schedules are represented as edge colorings of the Kn. Additionally, schedules can be generated in different formats:

Furthermore, certain things in the schedules can be marked by different colors (e.g. rounds, breaks, groups, complementary teams).

Tables without colored entries can be saved on your computer as csv-files.