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Publications 1996

  • V. Schnecke
    Hybrid Genetic Algorithms for Solving Constrained Packing and Placement Problems
    PhD Dissertation, University of Osnabrück, Dept. Mathematics/Computer Science, Dec 1996

  • F. M. Thiesing
    Vorhersagen mit Neuronalen Netzen
    unix/mail, Heft 5/96, Carl Hanser Verlag (München), 294-298

  • V. Schnecke, O. Vornberger
    An Adaptive Parallel Genetic Algorithm for VLSI-Layout Optimization
    Procs. 4th Int. Conf. on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN IV), 22-27 Sep 1996, Springer LNCS 1141, 859-868
    Abstract, HTML, PDF

  • O. Vornberger
    unix/mail, Heft 4/96, Carl Hanser Verlag (München), 205-211

  • F. Lohmeyer, O. Vornberger
    CFD with Adaptive FEM on Massively Parallel Systems
    Strömungssimulation mit Hochleistungsrechnern, Reihe: Notes on Numerical Fluid Dynamics
    Abstract, PDF

  • V. Schnecke, O. Vornberger
    A Genetic Algorithm for VLSI Physical Design Automation
    Procs. Second Int. Conf. on Adaptive Computing in Engineering Design and Control, ACEDC '96, 26-28 Mar 1996, University of Plymouth, U.K., 53-58
    Abstract, HTML, PDF

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