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Publications Parallel Computing in general

  • V. Schnecke
    Portable Parallelprogrammierung mit PVM
    unix/mail, Heft 3/95, Carl Hanser Verlag (München), 144-149
    Abstract, HTML, PDF

  • O. Vornberger
    Parallele Algorithmen
    unix/mail, Heft 3/95, Carl Hanser Verlag (München), 135-141

  • A. Reinefeld, V. Schnecke
    Portability versus Efficiency? - Parallel Applications on PVM and Parix
    Proceedings ZEUS '95, Workshop on Parallel Programming and Computation, Linköping, Sweden, May 17-18, 1995, 35-49
    Abstract, HTML, PDF

  • A. Reinefeld, V. Schnecke
    Performance of PVM on a Highly Parallel Transputer System
    First European PVM Users' Group Meeting, Rome, Italy, Oct. 9-11, 1994
    Abstract, HTML, PDF

  • F. M. Thiesing, M. Lipinski
    Parallelisierung eines Programms zur Simulation von Gießvorgängen
    Parallele Datenverarbeitung mit dem Transputer, J. Hektor, R. Grebe (Hrsg.), Springer-Verlag 1994, 123-135
    Abstract, PDF

  • O. Vornberger, K. Zeppenfeld
    GRAVIDAL: A Graphical Visualization Tool for Transputer Networks
    Neural Network World, International Journal on Neural and Mas-parallel Computing and Information Systems, Vol. 1, No. 6, 341-348, Prag 1991

  • B. Kröger, O. Vornberger, R. Lüling, B. Monien
    An Improved Algorithm to Detect Communication Deadlocks in Distributed Systems
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science 486, J. van Leeuwen, N. Santoro (eds.), Springer Verlag, Berlin 1991, 90-101

  • O. Vornberger, K. Zeppenfeld
    GRAVIDAL: Ein Werkzeug zur Visualisierung von verteilten Algorithmen
    Informatik Fachberichte 272, Parallele Datenverarbeitung mit dem Transputer, R. Grebe, C. Ziemann (eds.), Springer Verlag, Berlin 1991, 21-28

  • O. Vornberger, K. Zeppenfeld
    Graphical Visualization of Distributed Algorithms
    Transputer Research and Applications 3, Alan Wagner (ed.), IOS Press, Amsterdam 1990, 223-234

  • O. Vornberger
    Transputer Networks for Operations Research Problems
    invited paper for CORS/TIMS/ORSA Joint national Meeting, Vancouver, May 1989, published in Journal of Microcomputer Applications (1990) 13, 69-79

  • O. Vornberger
    Load Balancing in a Network of Transputers
    International Workshop on Distributed Algorithms (WDAG '87), Springer LNCS, 1987

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